LCHF - Low Carbs Healthy Fats


I love my food and have always been hesitant about fad diets and counting calories. However I also have struggled with weight gain around my middle and increasing lethargy as each year passed. Determined to do the best I can to age well I consulted a doctor who specialised in this area. He gave me a run down on the various approaches to weight loss and healthy aging and highlighted intermittent fasting as one of the best lifestyle choices to make for ageing well. I agreed 2 day fasts seemed to work well for my sister but I didn’t think it would be for me.

Then one of my kindy mum friends mentioned that she had recently completed a 6 week LCHF Challenge with Eat Play Thrive. She looked amazing and her energy levels rivalled that of a 20 something! It had obviously worked for her and we were keen to hear all about it. I don’t mind a challenge...

The first stumbling block for me was going to be the weekly 2 day fasting. Fasting? I would never be able to do that! Or could I? My friend promised me it wasn’t too bad as you did get to have a delicious dinner each night so there was something to look forward to. Also that it got easier and you can drink espressos (no sugar) and herbal teas at any time during the day.

The second roadblock was my fear of cutting out all grains - bread, rice, breakfast cereals, quinoa, beans, legumes, couscous and pasta. LOL! That sounds impossible! What was left?

The upside was that all the tasty things that I previously thought were ‘naughty’ like full fat cheeses, butter, fatty cuts of meat, rich creamy sauces, mayonnaise, eggs and bacon were given a green light! 

More upside was on the way… the more I looked into this new way of eating the more research I found to support this change.  Switching our body to use fat instead of carbohydrates generates energy from ketones rather than glucose, reduces our fat stores (yay!), reduces the amount of food needed to feel full (yay!) and minimises insulin levels which is hugely beneficial for those with diabetes and insulin resistance. Heart disease risk factors are improved as triglycerides are reduced and “good” cholesterol HDL is increased. As a result of all these wonderful things, systemic inflammation is also reduced.

I signed up to the 6 week challenge at Eat Play Thrive and have survived the fasting days without too much trouble, and currently I’m 2 weeks into it. One of the main challenges for me was finding suitable yet appealing recipes alternatives. Fortunately there are plenty to be found as this ‘new’ way of life is gaining momentum globally. Also, whilst in the Challenge, there is a great online community supporting each other and sharing recipes, in addition to the wonderful recipes and guidance provided by Vicky at Eat Play Thrive.

The Challenge is initially fairly hard core in order to kick start the changes our bodies need to make in looking for ketones rather than glucose for energy. I am looking forward to learning how to adjust to this new way of eating in a more relaxed and sustainable way towards the end of the 6 weeks. I am pleased to say that already though I can notice a difference to the scales, my clothes and my energy levels! I am very grateful to have come across this education and would encourage everyone to look into it for themselves. Here is a link with a fantastic overview about LCHFand covers 3 pages so make sure you click forward at the bottom of each page : )

Are you ready to turn your ‘healthy’ pyramid upside down?